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It has been ages since I’ve journaled. Not since my private screed about Mason’s lie last Wednesday. I’ve been working on dealing with my emotional hangover, as my therapist put it, ever since. Mason lies and evades in order to keep from getting into trouble. He does it effortlessly, almost without awareness that what he […]

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Off Service…Finally

This is my first day off-service. Other than a migraine today, I managed to get through this service week relatively unscathed. It was better than I anticipated, considering where my emotional health has been of late. I handled the pressure of the usual mix of physically and emotionally complex patients. I got angry at times, […]

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Non-Productive Weekend

What have I accomplished this weekend? Well I made a casserole that Mason and I can eat during this upcoming week on service. That’s about it. Not so good. Tomorrow we are shooting our Love Story and Retrospective sections of our wedding video so that we can finally get the whole thing back to look […]

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Hair Day

Today I went to Duafe to get my locs done. It was the first time I had been there since the day of the wedding. I lugged both of those huge proof books to show to Syreeta so that she could see her handiwork. She oohed and aahed appropriately. I then made it home and […]

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