They’re Taking All The Pregnancy Karma!

Don’t you hate it when you begin to lose your damn mind? When you start believing something that clearly makes absolutely no sense, but your mind for some reason starts to accept it? I’m in one of those states today.

I was doing pretty well with my denial approach to this current 2 week wait until this weekend. Then I started to read about more and more “miracle” pregnancies on the Fertility Friends boards. You know, people given the chance of 7 snowballs in hell of ever getting pregnant suddenly getting pregnant. There seems to be a whole rush of BFPs on the 40+ board.

Of course you know that this means for me and Milagro…there’s not going to be any pregnancy karma left over for us next week.

Pregnancy karma. That even sounds ridiculous. What the hell is pregnancy karma? How is it doled out? What madness am I talking about?

That’s why I decided to come in from lounging outside in the sun and post about how utterly insane that sounds. Maybe I can reach the sane part of my brain and make it take over control from the fruit loop part.

Until that happens, I’m afraid to look at the 40+ board. The karma is just being drained away…

Someone help me find some sanity, please!

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3 Responses to “They’re Taking All The Pregnancy Karma!”

  1. K&M Says:

    I wish I could send ya a big ol’ dose of pregnancy karma, but my neighborhood may have just used all of the pregnancy karma in the entire south!

    I understand completely how you feel.

  2. wessel Says:

    It’s the baby dust, my friend. That’s what made you lose your mind. Wipe yourself off, and you’ll feel better in no time. 🙂

  3. Jennie Says:

    not crazy at all, believe me meh like you’d believe a hormonal whinging blog wanderer anyway back on topic… the karmabitchfairy is alive and well she’s currently living at my place so providing you vac that babydust being sure to get into the corners where it lurks she’ll not notice you…. small snippit of info the karmabitchfairy is infertile too which explains her perverse delight in messing with our heads… happy belated birthday it sounds like you had a fun day go the kites!!

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