Overachieving Donor for Overachieving Liana

Dr. Le Roux was playing close to the vest but his ultimate hand was better than I ever imagined. My lovely donor, C had 31 eggs retrieved!! I cannot believe it. I am totally flummoxed.

I expected about 7 and hoped for 10, since that is typical for CFC, but she just blew me away.

I do hope that she is OK since I know that that many eggs can be so hard on the body and puts one at risk for OHSS.

Today the embryologist called to say that she fertilized 26 by ICSI (5 must have been immature) and today 20 are growing nicely. Transfer will be on Thursday.

I must say that the piggy part of me wanted all of the eggies to become embryos, but geez Louise. How many kids can this old lady have?! I am a perfectionistic, overachieving mess!

I guess now it is up to my uterus to do its job.

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