Suggestions For My Blogroll

Advice and suggestions needed!

What blogs do you just love to read? Whose words move you, make you laugh, or sit mouth agape at their profundity?

What blogs are your guilty pleasures? (I, for one, have been reading Violent Acres…one of the most self-absorbed, self-righteous, rude, in-your-face blogs that I’ve seen. Is there anything more self-absorbed that blogging without allowing any comments? She’s crazy, but still is a must-read.)

Am I connected to your blog? Leave me the URL just in case I don’t already have it.

Let me know any other great blogs that I’m missing.

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4 Responses to “Suggestions For My Blogroll”

  1. Flicka Says:

    You have a few of my favorites already in your blogroll. I especially enjoy Julie from A Little pregnant and Manuela of Thin Pink Line. I also really like Spanglish at Welcome to the Cysterhood. Those would probably be my top three. And you’ve already got Thalia, who’s also in my list of favorites.

    Oh! Also! Alexa from Flotsam.

  2. Teendoc Says:

    Flicka, thank you for these suggestions!

  3. Stilla Momma Says:

    Stopping by from 🙂

  4. Flicka Says:

    No worries! For some reason my URL never shows when i leave comments (it’s hit or miss with Blogger) but if you’re interested, I’m over at:

    Be well!

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