Dr. Mommy’s Magic Butt Paste

Every once in a while, being a pediatrician mom comes in handy. I’m not talking about those times when the other mothers are worried about the sugar content of infant formula, and you’re like puleeze, forget sugar! I’m more worried about neuroblastoma, histiocytosis X, and rheumatoid arthritis! My pediatric background ratchets up the worry meter by a thousand fold. Those times it isn’t handy to be a pediatrician. It’s freaking terrifying.

No, I’m talking about the rare time when you actually remember something from your little kid medicine training that helps your child get better, for real. That’s what happened this weekend.

The diarrhea started at the end of last week. It wasn’t horrific. There was no fever, vomiting or blood in the stools, so I wasn’t freaked out or anything. I did the usual BRAT diet minus the R and T and continued to feed through. So the diarrhea was pretty manageable despite several diaper blowouts. What was not manageable was the diaper rash.

We’ve been pretty darn lucky that we’ve never had to deal with a bad diaper rash. During my training, I saw so many kids with excoriated bottoms that I was counting the days until Zara had one that got superinfected with fungus displaying those lovely satellite lesions. But lucky for us, this never happened.

After the development of the shits, as I like to call it, Zizi’s bottom became redder than a radish. I used Desitin, Aveeno diaper ointment, and even the Whole Foods approved Weleda diaper ointment. Nothing helped. And she screamed bloody murder every time we had to change her.

Finally by Sunday when her skin was starting to break down, I started to get a little stressed. And that stress managed to cause one of my long buried synapses to fire. A memory returned. What about butt paste? I thought. Yeah, that might work.

Now I’m not talking about the Boudreaux Butt Paste. I’m talking about the Butt Paste remedy passed down through generations of pediatric residents. I’m talking about the good stuff.

Every pediatric facility or ward has their own way of making Butt Paste. Ours consisted of the following:

  • 2 oz A & D ointment
  • 2 oz zinc oxide ointment
  • 1 oz Maalox or Mylanta
  • 1 oz bacitracin

This is the real Butt Paste!

I hightailed it to RiteAid and got my supplies. I stopped at the pharmacy and asked for a screw top jar for me to mix and store my concoction. When I spoke to the pharmacist, he tried to convince me to get the Butt Paste on the shelf, but no. I knew that the antacid was the special ingredient to soothe the pain. I was going to make the good stuff.

AdoringHusband watched my chemistry project as I worked. “Why doesn’t this come premade?” he asked.

“No idea,” I shrugged.

“Well if it works so well, someone should make it”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I replied and kept mixing.

I got just the right consistency to make me happy. So we gave it a go. We soaked Zizi’s butt in a warm bath with baking soda and then gently dried her off. Next (it was like a surgical procedure) we returned to the changing table (the place of howls) and got set up for the application. AdoringHusband was on distraction and I was on application. I touched the mixture to her skin and waited for the shrieks. Nothing. AdoringHusband and I looked at each other quizzically. Zara was playing with her feet, unfazed. I finished my application without incident.

Later in the evening, we did the same thing again. This time, some of the broken down areas of skin that weren’t holding the mixture very well had improved. She was starting to heal. And this morning? She was 80% better. AdoringHusband became a disciple of the real Butt Paste.

He’s already trying to come up with a business plan to sell Dr. Mommy’s Magic Butt Paste. He’s created a jingle that he spent the morning singing to Zara. Zara’s face will be on the jar. “Who will be able to resist?” he asked happily.

All I can say is that sometimes a little pediatrics comes in right handy. Mommy made it better. 😎

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37 Responses to “Dr. Mommy’s Magic Butt Paste”

  1. Michele M. Says:

    Hmmm. If you only knew someone in the drug manufacturing industry to get you an “in.” Wait a minute…

    Seriously, though, it sounds like a great idea. You should take the recipe off the blog and totally market that and make MILLIONS! My sis used to put strait maalox on my nephew’s diaper rash when it got that bad and it worked to soothe it, but this stuff sounds amazing.

  2. teendoc Says:

    Now can I interest my lovely company in such a product? Hmmm…

  3. Julie Says:

    I hope and pray I never have to use it but if I do….. I’ll be mixing it up.

  4. Chatman Says:

    You had me at the name.

    Now you owe me a new keyboard. Old one’s coffee damaged.

    What is A & D ointment?

    what is the purpose of the zinc oxide? I’m assuming you’re performing this task inside and so sun block is probably unnecessary.

    Thanks for the info.

    Magic Butt Paste – that is too over the top!

    L & M, making the world a better place, one butt at a time.

  5. teendoc Says:

    I think it’s catchy too! 🙂

    A+D ointment is petrolatum and lanolin to act as a moisture barrier. The Zinc Oxide helps heal irritated skin.

  6. Ellen Chapman Says:

    Who knew????? I have tried so many different products for diaper rash-I will add this to my bags of tricks. I say go for it and manufacture it! Thanks for your “secret recipe”.

  7. christine Says:

    So promise me that when I become a mommy you are still around to give me the recipe to your secret, magical butt paste (and to help me when I am worrying if my kid has histocytosis X)

  8. teendoc Says:

    Hey, leave the histiocytosis X worrying to me! 🙂

  9. Catherine Says:

    brilliant! A & D is the only thing i can use when Sam has the bad butt- which has only been 2x, but those howls of pain make you run for something better than balmex!

  10. Flicka Says:

    I just put that in my file for the future. I have no idea if I’ll ever be lucky enough to need it but if I do, I’ll have Dr. Mommy’s Magic Butt Paste Remedy to hand!

    Now what’s this about histocytosis x?

    Flicka’s last blog post..Sleep gynecology and my own personal cheering squad

  11. teendoc Says:

    Don’t even ask about histiocytosis X!

  12. Courtney Says:

    I am wondering what class at Harvard Medical School my sister missed where they discussed this recipe, which makes PERFECT sense. Wow. I can’t even fathom that I have never heard of this before. I am telling our mom! Seriously…my sister specialized (at least for a while) in little kids/babies…and her best advice for the only one of my three kids who got a diaper rash pretty badly (in the hospital at her birth, no less), suggested going diaperless was the best solution.

    Do you have any remedies for the hivey skin my 4.5 year old son still gets (He was a 36 weeker, not asthmatic, but has had a few breathing issues at times) gets every time he is about to have breathing/cold-like issues?

    I think Adoring Husband is onto something — and I would take down your recipe and patent it. Honestly. Lord knows how much of the other stuff moms and dads have purchased, to no avail.

  13. teendoc Says:

    Courtney: I have no idea how your comment got snagged as spam! I’ve restored it.

    About the recipe, it’s funny how I didn’t even remember it until the stress kicked in and made my brain work a little bit. 🙂

    I wish I had a good answer about the hivey skin. Sounds like a good emollient (and creams are better than lotions) but the problem is that much of the stuff you would put in for anti-itching will get absorbed through the skin and can become problematic for little people. Some people do swear by calendula containing creams for rashes and itching, but I don’t have another good remedy from residency.

  14. Meira Says:

    Ahh. The paste I heard of was balmex, clortrimazole, and neosporin. But then I have to wonder if the clortrimazole and the neosporin would cancel each other out.
    But I do have to give a shout out for the clortrimazole — it seems fully 1/2 of the rashes around my house end up being yeasties. (Thank you, thank you to the experienced mom in the bathroom at the Ben & Jerry Factory store in October of ’98!)

    What the heck is histocytosis X? Do I even want to google that?

    Meira’s last blog post..Bullet points

  15. teendoc Says:

    Hey Meira: the clotrimazole and neosporin wouldn’t cancel each other out. But I think you should sort out whether the rash is fungal or not before shotgunning (as we call it in medicine) with both. If fungal, then antifungal, if not a topical antibiotic to prevent bacterial superinfection is warranted. But Zizi’s rash was absolutely not fungal. There were not satellite lesions or other signs that look like fungus. Just irritation from the shits…that’s all.

    And no, you do NOT want to google histiocytosis X!

  16. Joanne Says:

    Poor baby. I hate when my kids are sick. 🙁

    Joanne’s last blog post..Please update your bookmarks

  17. Kristie McNealy Says:

    Ah, Maalox on a raw bum works miracles. I had to whip up a similar paste several times with my oldest. Funny thing is, I’m a med school grad (put off residency to be a mommy), who happened to tormenting myself over whether my youngest child’s weird persistent rash and horrific cradle cap was really histiocytosis X… The things too much education can make a mom worry about!

    Nice post!


    Kristie McNealy’s last blog post..Guest Post: Breastmilk Donation through the Eyes of a Donor

  18. anon Says:

    I’ve passed your “recipe” on to my sister-in-law for my new niece, wish I had had it for my two girls when they were babies. Our pediatrician always recommended covering the clortrimazole with Aquaphor. Aquaphor is great because it’s water based and is easy to clean during diaper changes…..

  19. irshlas Says:

    I had to post a late comment and say “you are a genius!” My little man developed a horrible rash overnight thanks to a bout of the runs. I remembered your post and whipped up the concoction. This morning, he was 100% better and didn’t make a noise when Daddy changed his diaper. Thank you so much 🙂

    Sign me – A Happy “Dr Mommy’s Magic Butt Paste” customer

  20. teendoc Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that it worked for you, Irshlas!

  21. Julie Says:

    This was great! I’m going to save this recipe for our future use. DD has a rash right now, she’s only had a couple bad ones, but this is one of em… I’m going to try your Mommy’s Magic Butt Paste. thanks for the tips!

    Julie AKA Belovedsmama

  22. beagle Says:

    I knew the day would come that I’d need this. And now I am off to CVS and I thank you for your archives . . . !

  23. Mr. Dad Says:

    I stumbled across this around the beginning of the year when my daughter had a terrible diaper rush, with open blisters. I mixed this up using the directions above and it was gone in a day or two, it worked better then the 4 prescription creams her Ped. gave her. In my opinion the best Zinc Oxide to use is the Desitin Original, not the creamy, because it has 40% Zinc Oxide, the highest you can buy over the counter without prescription. All the rest have 10 – 12%. We use this after every diaper change. It hasn’t prevented her for ever getting a diaper rash, but is has cured everyone one is less then 48 hours.

  24. teendoc Says:

    I’m so glad that you found this butt paste to be useful. And yes, you must use the regular Desitin and not the creamy.

    When we were in training, this paste was only used for treatment of severe diaper rash and never for prevention. I’ve been using the new Balmex powder (that has zinc oxide) as a preventive with Zara with good results, but she is getting older and is using the potty more, so that may be a factor as well.

  25. Mandy Says:

    I got a similar recipe from my son’s Dr.’s office when he was a toddler. After Greer’s Goo stopped working, this was the only thing that helped and worked really well. And when my daughter was a newborn. She had the awfullest diaper rash from like 3-6 weeks old, it was so sad and this was the only thing that helped it at all. Without looking up the recipe, the only difference I can tell is mine had an extra ingredient – lotrimin.

  26. teendoc Says:

    Hi Mandy,

    We used to say that you add either an antibiotic (bacitracin) or an antifungal (lotrimin) but not both. I think the only reason there was such an admonishment was because you wanted to get an idea of which way to go if the stuff didn’t work. But I had thought of using both in the same mixture.

    Thanks for the comment!

  27. Jessica Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this! I called my doctor to get a prescription Magic Butt Cream, which I have used on 3 other of my 5 children. My son has a bleeding diaper rash every time he poops. He gave me a steriod to save me money. The rash was just about gone, then we pooped! More blood then before. I don’t think the steriod protected his skin? So I just made a batch of this up. Can’t wait for him to wake up to put on his bottom. Thank you for leaving this recipe up!!

  28. Jessica Says:

    I know this is an old post, but I can not get this thing to go away. I do the steriod at night and in the morning then do this paste in between. It looks to get better then he poops… Worse than before every time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  29. teendoc Says:

    Hi Jessica,

    The one thing that my Butt Paste does not treat is Candida (yeast). Please see your son’s pediatrician to determine whether he needs treatment with nystatin powder or other antifungal or whether something else is going on.

    Good luck!


  30. Sustainable Me: Homemade Butt Paste - The Craftaholic Says:

    […] is the REAL DEAL Butt Paste. Thanks to “Welcome to the Dollhouse” for this recipe! CLICK HERE for the […]

  31. Jen Says:

    Thank you! My daughter thanks you as well!

  32. heather Says:

    Hello, I would love some advice on making a good diaper cream for my 17 month old boy. Never had a problem with diaper rash on his butt, but we have a problem with his urine burning his tummy from bellow his belly button to his penis. We are always changing his diapers, and he only stays wet during his nap time and at night. He is a really heavy wetter. We even cut his drinks off 3 hrs before bed, and he still sometimes leaks out of the Huggies overnight diapers, and he makes the Pampers ones explode. I’ve tried everything out there, and he keeps getting yeast infections on his belly. I make soap so I have every kind of oil, beeswax, zinc oxide, and lanolin I might need, I just can’t seem to make something that keeps the rash and yeast infections away. He also has eczema so it’s helped that I make his stuff unscented(for some reason most commercial stuff out there is scented, and that just makes his rash worse). Any thoughts?

  33. teendoc Says:


    I am so sorry that I’m just seeing your comment from December 5th! My apologies.

    What you are describing is a bit unusual. Without being able to see what the rash looks like, it isn’t clear to me that it is yeast. In my peds career, I’ve not seen a persistent rash from navel to genitals that spares the usual “diaper area”.

    My advice would be to check in with your pediatrician or a dermatologist if it persists after you see the pediatrician.

    Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help.

  34. Susan Says:

    I know it’s years after the fact, but I come to this recipe time and time again! I need to bookmark it, though, because every time I need to look it up, I type in “Liana’s Butt Paste” and Google gives me some awful results – I’m actually thinking of writing a letter to my senator! (Our poor kids!)

    Anyway, Liana, really adore this recipe and I really just wanted to thank you for your help over the years. Only this recipe fixed my worst diaper rash cases – and I have three!

    Thank you again —


  35. Kourtney Says:

    Have you ever added any hydrocortisone to this to help with the inflammation?

  36. Liana Clark Says:

    Hi Kourtney,

    I have never added hydrocortisone. Generally, I find that the Maalox/Mylanta is soothing enough that no specific anti-inflammatory like hydrocortisone is necessary.

  37. Grandma Brenda Says:

    Good morning , my grandson has had the shits as you say for 5 days now. We have been to the docs office twice now. Normally he is a very happy 2 year old but since he got this bug it seems all he does is shit liquid . Last night took him to urgent care because his poor butt was very sore and his screams were endless. She actually told me to find your web site and make the paste. Our local pharmacy makes one but charges way to much. So today we are going after all items to make him some cream to fix him. Will post results

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