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What Am I Missing Here?

My boss is such a sweetie. Whenever we’re in meetings and someone makes a statement that is so confused, addle-headed, or just plain out there, instead of responding with a “what the hell are you talking about?!” he does the nice thing and takes the onus on himself for the lack of understanding and asks, […]

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Model Baby

And now we go back to our regular lightweight blogging. All this saga writing has been taking it out of me. I felt like I was writing a novella. I can promise you that all posts for the next month will be under 1000 words! So my friends, today AdoringHusband and I drove Zara to […]

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The Portugal Saga, Part IV: Home Again

Ah heaven…just the day before I was all chillaxed on the beach. Now it was time to pack up, turn around, and go back home. Suck much? Remember the trouble we had with good ol’ Megatur, the company that we had arranged to do our airport/hotel transfers when we arrived in Faro. Somehow they never […]

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Ceilings Removed

I’m having a hard time writing about Tuesday. It was such an historic day that I really want to do it justice. But my thoughts are all over the place and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to express them coherently. I haven’t blogged much about the election, mostly because I felt that despite […]

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