This Is Just Goldfish!


Miss Mary at the daycare center whispered to me the other day when I arrived, “Zara has started cursing! Yesterday at snack. She started yelling a bad word.”

She eyed me carefully, attempting to gauge my reaction. I think she was wondering whether I would go all, not my babygirl on her. But I was more puzzled initially than anything else.

“Really?” I replied.

“Yes,” she answered seriously, “I just don’t know where she could have picked up that word.”

Then the lightbulb went off. I didn’t even have to ask her what word she was talking about. Now everything became clear.

“Did you happen to be serving Goldfish?”

“Yes! How did you know?” she asked, wide-eyed.

How did I know? I repeated to myself. Well, that’s a funny one.

“Well we have a bit of an issue with Zara and Goldfish…” I began.

Yet my internet friends, this is something you truly have to hear all for yourselves. Have a listen.

Zara on Goldfish

We have tried multiple interventions, but still, the problem remains…

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21 Responses to “This Is Just Goldfish!”

  1. Kayla Says:

    excellent! there's no way she's gonna unlearn this- especially since i'm sure it gets a reaction every time.

  2. OmegaMom Says:


    OmegaMoms last blog post..Tour de force

  3. Tara Says:

    OMG that’s so funny!!!! Adorable!

  4. Michele Says:

    LOL!!!!! That’s hilarious!! My friend has a similar problem with her son and “dump truck.” The nursery director at her church had a similar conversation with her. Out of the mouths of babes….

  5. #1 Dinosaur Says:

    Thanks for posting the audio. Too funny!

  6. OHN Says:


    OHNs last blog post..Helloooooooo

  7. Liana Says:

    We are trying to be impassive when she does it at home. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to help.

  8. gabrielle Says:

    Omg! My kids are just laughing! I love the part where you can hear Z running around the room at the end “bullsh–,bullsh–. Oh the things you can get away with at 2yrs!

  9. Boulder Says:

    Ok, that made my night. Also, beats “truck” for originality by miles and miles.

  10. Fred Says:


    Reminds me of a local news piece a couple of nights ago about a “Tickle Me Elmo” type doll that instead of saying “four, five, six” sounds like “I want to have sex!”

  11. Ellen Lewis Says:

    That is soooo hilarious! Addie on the other hand is truly saying Shit and Damn it when she drops something….she repeats everything I say and those are two words I happen to say too often!

  12. Deathstar Says:

    The girl knows what she wants! I love em too Zara!

    Deathstars last blog post..Home again

  13. Kellie Says:

    Too darned cute. Thanks for the audio!

  14. Lynn Says:

    That was too funny and very sweet. It made me smile and laugh.

  15. Flicka Says:

    LOL! That is too cute. I can just picture the horrified daycare provider, too.

  16. Sylvie Says:

    That is too funny!! Made my morning!

  17. AdrienneG Says:

    What makes me laugh about this is the children in daycare are going to be saying the word too LOL

    Every parent remembers the first curse word they heard their child say….and my parents laughed themselves silly when babe was learning how to walk and would fall over and say ‘shit!’ according to them, that was my favorite word back in the day. LOL

    Now I’m going to be grinning sillyily if I see Goldfish crackers in the grocery store aisle.

  18. teendoc Says:

    And that’s the problem!!!! 🙂

  19. Beagle Says:

    I guess she won’t be doing any commercials for them! LOL
    Anyway, we all need a little midday bull$hit . . . right?

  20. teendoc Says:

    I think it would be a fun commercial angle!

  21. Eterntiy Bands Says:

    That is awesome! I agree that would be a great commercial!

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