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Reading at 3 AM Saves the Kidlet

This has been a tough couple of weeks. A really tough couple of weeks. Weeks so tough I worried about whether we would all make it to Zara’s 3rd birthday on May 2nd with any sanity intact. To say she has been a challenge would be the ultimate understatement. I suppose she’s no worse than […]

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On Being Clean – 2010

Thought I had published this update of my old post before, but unless was eaten by WordPress, I just can’t find it in the archives. It’s still worth a read. Here’s a repost. I wish I could say that this post is about cleanliness. That would be a really simple topic. Clean is good; dirty […]

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More Spring Flowers…Or How I Get My Macro Groove On

Nothing like sunny skies, spring flowers and a macro lens to make a photog go a little nuts. Thank goodness I have tolerant neighbors. (Honey, that crazy woman with the camera is out there lying on our lawn taking pictures. I’ll give her 15 minutes before I call the police.) I fell in love with […]

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Spring Flowers, By The Precious

I’m here in gloomy Toronto for one more night, but thought I would share some of my spring flower photos that I posted in the Open Salon “open call.” The blossoms in our apricot tree: This is a blooming weeping something we have in front of our house: (I know you love the technical term: […]

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Rainy Days Don’t Bother Me

A photo post for your viewing pleasure:

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