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Lelli Kelly Fail!

I’m a bit tweaked right now. And before I get into it, let me say that I’m glad that my brother is currently not speaking to me, otherwise I know he’d have to attack me again for “thinking too much.” I’m happy that I don’t have that devaluation from my family to deal with as […]

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Summertime Confusion

How many of you know the beautiful song, Summertime, from the Gershwin opera Porgy & Bess? If your answer is yes, good on you. If no, then you can be in the company of my dear AdoringHusband who had never heard the song, nor had he heard of the opera before I clued him in. […]

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The Day She Turned 3

I’m not sure when it happened. I’ll bet that it was right under our collective noses. But somehow my little baby peapod grew up and turned 3. Seemed like just yesterday we were wheeling her out of the hospital in the stroller that seemed so big: We took her home, making sure she got lots […]

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This Is What Happens…

This is what happens when you give a toddler with a sense of humor a choice. I tried employing the Love & Logic method in practice this morning (you remember, lots of offerings of 2 alternate choices) by giving the kidlet a choice of either putting her panties on her butt-butt or putting them on […]

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