My Love Connection Debacle, For Your Viewing Pleasure

I cringe as I type this post. I’m serious. The 47 year old me is looking back at that 26 year old me and thinking, what the hell? Were you on bad drugs or just loopy in the head?

But a promise is a promise. And a long, long time ago, I promised my 3 blog readers that when I finally transferred my old videotapes to DVDs, that I would share with the world the spectacle of my Love Connection appearance. Well, actually…I did get the DVD made last August, but it’s taken me some time to smack myself stop the avoidance and get this out there. So, since I am a woman of my word, please enjoy these 13 minutes of my hellacious debacle with Chuck and Charlie.

I hope you won’t think less of me in the morning…

And no, the woman in the static image below is not me. Really!

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26 Responses to “My Love Connection Debacle, For Your Viewing Pleasure”

  1. OmegaMom Says:

    Oh, MY! Ah, to be 27 again! 😉 You looked hawt. And, boy oh boy, was Charlie good looking and a raging egotist.

  2. teendoc Says:

    Thank you for not laughing outright! I was fly back in the day! But Charlie was a whole nother story!

  3. Cecily Says:

    OH. MY. GAH.

    Do you still have the Janet Jackson outfit?

  4. teendoc Says:

    Yeah it kinda provokes that kind of response, doesn’t it? And that outfit is long burned!

  5. Sarah Says:

    I am without speech!! 🙂

  6. teendoc Says:

    So was my mother when she saw the episode!

  7. Tara Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed that. 🙂 I used to love that show. So what happened between you and Charlie after that????

  8. teendoc Says:

    Oh Charlie was a mess. He stood me up 7 times after our TV date!

  9. Deesha Says:

    What a jerk!!!

    You never cease to amaze. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Liana Clark, Liana Clark. Liana Clark said: New blog post: My Love Connection Debacle, For Your Viewing Pleasure #loveconnection #makingafoolofmyself […]

  11. neeroc Says:

    Oh my word.

    I’d have to say he probably wasn’t much of a test of your intelligence.

    But look at the shoulderpads! *g*

  12. teendoc Says:

    You are channeling my aunt who asked, “Since when is ‘denomination’ a big word?!” 😉

  13. Yolanda Says:

    You look so beautiful- I think we all had a shimmery satin shirt or two back in the day! I can’t believe Chuck called you two horny though lol 🙂

  14. teendoc Says:

    Thanks! And you should have heard his comments that never made it to the actual program! Goodness!

  15. Yolanda Says:

    Sorry hit reply too fast so double comments- but I also like your voice very entrancing

  16. Julie Says:

    Your were (and still are) gorgeous but it’s so weird to see you without your locks.

  17. Pamela Says:

    My computer screen is still smoking!! 😉

    Wow. What a trip back to 1989!

  18. Sherry Says:

    Wow! That was GREAT! I *loved* Love Connection. I always secretly thought of doing it but I didn’t have the guts. You were great on there – HAWT!
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Melissa Says:

    Oh how I enjoyed that!

  20. Liana Says:

    Yeah, I bet you did!

  21. Jo-Ann Says:

    You were my Friday night entertainment.

    Just this afternoon I though about putting up my Jenny Jones appearance and then I saw your Love Connection thing. WOW. It is great.

    You met Chuck Wollery. WOW. I am in awe.

    What REALLY happened.

  22. Lorrie Says:

    You looked adorable! That was hilarious. I can’t believe that Charlie didn’t pursue a real love connection. But does look extremely egotistical. Wonder what ever happened to him, have you looked him up on Facebook?

    I had so much black eyeliner that year that I looked Goth. But wouldn’t it be nice to have those figures back again? (sigh)

  23. Robin Says:

    God you look almost as fabulous then as you do now!

  24. Liana Says:

    Robin, can I marry you?!

  25. Kellie Says:

    Brilliant Liana, just brilliant. Funny – I must have been channeling your aunt as well, I actually said out loud “denomination is a *big* word”?

    You were smoking hot though …….damn, I miss shoulder pads.

  26. bea Says:

    to your credit, you sent him home, right? 😉

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