Fake Tree, Fake Apples…What The Heck?

I’ve returned to my long-ignored blog because I saw something yesterday that I need the help of my internet friends to help me figure out. I just cannot make any sense of what my eyes saw. None whatsoever.

I was exiting a conference room at work on Wednesday and passed what looked to be a fake ficus tree decoration. I had never paid any attention to this fake ficus, because, after all, who pays any attention to fake trees in a workplace? Unless you are a workplace that sells fake trees.

This time, however, I spent a nanosecond more viewing the tree than I normally did and saw this:

Do you see what caught my eye? I’m sure you do. The apples.

Yes, indeed, there were fake apples hanging in the fake ficus tree:

Note that they are hooked to the tree with twist ties. Let me re-state this for it to sink in. Some person or persons took the time to get a bunch of fake apples and hook them to a fake ficus using individual twist ties…for a conference room decoration!

What possible reason could he/she/they have had for doing such a thing?!! This is not the apple tree conference room. And the job does not involve trees or apples (or twist ties for that matter) in any way. So what would possess someone to decorate a fake ficus with fake apples?!

I have no answer, but it puzzles me nonetheless. I’ve tried to come up with some possible explanations, though none of these are very convincing.

  • A flash mob gathering to decorate conference room fake ficus trees with fruit.
  • A person who really likes to ponder the beauty of apples while stuck in an interminable meeting
  • Someone who seeks to confuse analytic people like myself (why the hell are the fake apples attached to the fake tree? I MUST know!)
  • Left over from some teambuilding event involving attaching fake apples (to represent the employee) to a fake tree (to represent the team).
  • Cleaning people with too much time on their hands

I just don’t know, my internet friends. But this was just too weird a sight to pass by. I had to share.


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8 Responses to “Fake Tree, Fake Apples…What The Heck?”

  1. Dee Massiah on Facebook Says:

    Someone was verryyyy bored at a few meetings…;)

  2. Liana Roxanne Clark on Facebook Says:

    Dee: But can you see someone actually hanging the apples during a meeting? Might not go over very well…

  3. Peg Bonaccio Says:

    But of course you know that a ficus is a fig tree. So why bother with the apples? Where are the figs?

  4. Eddy Says:

    it’s obvious:
    someone had extra twist ties and needed to do something with them. The apples were an afterthought

  5. Dee Massiah on Facebook Says:


  6. Liana Roxanne Clark on Facebook Says:

    Ah Eddy, you might be right!

  7. K Mason Schecter on Facebook Says:

    The Freud/Jung team couldn’t unwind the mind that spawned that abomination. My neurons hurt.

  8. Liana Roxanne Clark on Facebook Says:

    I’m sticking with the person did it to drive me crazy. What do you think, , , or ?

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