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One Response to “Care”

  1. Petra Says:

    No Care for me either. I got the same responses as a caregiver. They seem to not want to help anyone but their pockets and reputation.
    After realizing things were insincere and that I was being treated disrespectfully, including not being responded to about being paid, I decided it would benefit everyone that I quit. Besides being made to feel bad, I also certainly didn’t want to feel bad towards a family I was helping, it’s insincere. The parent has still not paid me, left bad feedback and lied unimaginable things to Care getting my account closed. Everything MUST BE DOCUMENTED so that upon evil parents losing a caregiver they can’t take advantage of anymore, they c may not be able to get away with even more.
    Having a trial period of a few weeks for both sides to feel whether things are compatible seems to be extremely important. It is an intimate situation and everyone deserves to feel well and respected in it for things to function optimally.

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