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Why Bother?

Ever since the months of steroids, feeling like crud, and dealing with hypertension and other maladies, my general approach to my appearance has been “why bother?” This is not to say that I leave the house wearing raggedy sweats and days of body odor. Not at all. I’m clean. My clothes are clean. But the […]

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Vote for Zara

I’ve finally gone and lost my mind. I’ve become that mom. What did I do now, you ask? Well I’ve entered Zara in the Gap Casting Call contest. Start throwing the tomatoes now. At least it wasn’t Toddlers and Tiaras! This decision is probably a combination of wanting to show off my beauteous daughter and […]

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I’ve Been Trying

I’ve been trying to get back here before today and update the ol’ blog with a bit of an odds and ends type of post. Didn’t want to get into anything heavy after the drama that was last week. But unfortunately work and life kept conspiring mercilessly against me. Perhaps if my nails had been […]

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You Know Your Feet Are Bad When

You know your feet are bad when… the young woman giving you your Red Door pedicure looks like she needs to be resuscitated after she finishes working on your crusty feet the woman in the next chair whose pedicure started at the same time was long gone before you even got to the polishing stage […]

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Glamour Magazine & The Politics of Hair

©2007 National Law Journal Online Page printed from: Cleary Gottlieb has a bad hair day Vivia Chen/The American Lawyer August 27, 2007 It seemed like a nice frothy summer treat for some hardworking gals at a hard-driving law firm. Instead of hosting another earnest discussion about client cultivation and leadership, the women lawyers group […]

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Foot Dandruff and Other Afflictions

Since I’ve become a mom, I seem to have let myself go. The little girl is spiffed up, buffed, polished and cutely dressed, but mom looks like something that was dragged under the bus. I’ve even got mom shoes: sneaker mules. What has become of the Prada wearing shoe whore? I wear jeans and a […]

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A Girl Like Me

A Girl Like Me This powerful recreation of Dr. Clark’s social experiment that led to the end of segregation is too powerful to be missed. 17-year old Kiri Davis re-created Dr. Clark’s experiment as her senior project. The video shows that from a young age, blacks have ingrained self-hatred that somehow must be overcome. Watching […]

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