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Poor Curtis & Mallory: TBL

OK, I’ll admit it. I am a devotee of The Biggest Loser. There, I said it. Reality TV is generally not my thing. Nothing has ever compared to the finale of the first season of Survivor. They couldn’t have scripted television that compelling. Since then, however, I’ve just not been motivated to watch these types […]

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Days Late and Dollars Short

So it’s Monday, January 7th and I’m just getting to my resolutions. Yeah well…this could mean that I’ve already begun my new life plan but just took a little while to write it down for my peeps. Or it could just mean that I’m feeling lazy as hell and haven’t wanted to commit to any […]

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Why Did I Get On The Scale?

Oh the scale. The scale, the scale. Good lord, the scale. You might remember that at the end of December I decided to kiss my scale goodbye. My dear friend who has anorexia nervosa made a pact with me that we would stop weighing ourselves and focus instead on getting healthy. Well, I lasted a […]

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Foot Dandruff and Other Afflictions

Since I’ve become a mom, I seem to have let myself go. The little girl is spiffed up, buffed, polished and cutely dressed, but mom looks like something that was dragged under the bus. I’ve even got mom shoes: sneaker mules. What has become of the Prada wearing shoe whore? I wear jeans and a […]

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Jonesin’ For My Scale

My bathroom scale is gone. In its place is an empty space on the floor. I’ve been gazing wistfully at that space for 2 days. I don’t like this. So why is the scale gone? Well see, it has to do with a promise made to a friend. My friend was just discharged from an […]

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Luda The Great

Thank you all for your support with regards to my run in with Friday’s trainer. I appreciate those who have validated my struggle and shared their issues with weight and eating disorders. It means so much to me. Kevin, Friday’s trainer, is unfortunately not an employee of the company. He is the president! Isn’t that […]

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Things The Trainer Told Me

I decided to enlist the services of a personal trainer. Since running alone wasn’t helping me find my misplaced waist, I thought that perhaps hiring someone to force me to do the strength training that I loathe might make a difference. Finding a personal trainer is not the easiest thing to do. If you don’t […]

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