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What Gender Is Your Card?

Those of you who have been with this blog for a little while know a few things about me: I live my life as an open book I become type A and compulsive about just about everything I do I’m a staunch empiricist (data driven and proud!) I like to get deep my egalitarian feminism […]

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Lelli Kelly Fail!

I’m a bit tweaked right now. And before I get into it, let me say that I’m glad that my brother is currently not speaking to me, otherwise I know he’d have to attack me again for “thinking too much.” I’m happy that I don’t have that devaluation from my family to deal with as […]

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Brunch & Benign Sexism

Antipathy. That’s what I’m feeling about writing this post today. On one hand, I want to share the experience with you all, yet on the other hand, I know that many of you will see the events as yet another example of what happens when Liana thinks too much, something I’ve been accused of doing […]

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It’s Hard Being An Egalitarian

I don’t know whether or not this is normal, but it seems as if the older I get, the more I struggle with understanding or relating to those of my own sex. Sure, I’ve written about it before. A few times. This is not news. Yet old age and menopause seem to be causing me […]

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Bee-yotch Squared

I’ll admit it. I’ve never really understood or gotten along well with most women. Except for my shoe fetishism, I just don’t have the female hardwiring. I never have. Evil Mother socialized me in a more gender neutral manner (though there was occasional emphasis on being ladylike…something I never heeded). So all the fawning over […]

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Why Am I Such An Atypical Woman?

Why Am I Such a Weird Woman? OK, I have a confession to make. I am not like most women. In fact, I’ve never gotten along with most women throughout my life. When I was about 12 or 13, I remember that the boys sat on one side of the room and the girls on […]

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