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Still Here…Not Dead Yet

I know it’s been a long time, but guess what? I’m still here. You’ve probably wondered what’s been keeping me from updating the blog like I used to. All I can reply is life. Life has been extraordinarily challenging of late. When my boss quit at the end of September I knew that we were […]

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The Next Big Thing

Yes, I’ve been a bit scarce of late…not blogging as much…not knitting…not keeping my peeps up to date with the goings on in Liana-world. Well, I’m finally ready to reveal the reason why (though it is still a work in progress). Friends, I give you the next big thing …(for me, at least). Enjoy!

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Off Service…Finally

This is my first day off-service. Other than a migraine today, I managed to get through this service week relatively unscathed. It was better than I anticipated, considering where my emotional health has been of late. I handled the pressure of the usual mix of physically and emotionally complex patients. I got angry at times, […]

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