Why Did I Get On The Scale?

Oh the scale. The scale, the scale. Good lord, the scale. You might remember that at the end of December I decided to kiss my scale goodbye. My dear friend who has anorexia nervosa made a pact with me that we would stop weighing ourselves and focus instead on getting healthy. Well, I lasted a […]

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How Not To Apologize

I got a call from my aunt the other day. She wanted to comment on the Hawaii pictures. Little Girl looked so cute, but her parents? What was wrong with them. Why were they so…round? Teasing ensued about how rotund we are. Even one of her nurses, upon viewing the pictures, mentioned how plump we were. […]

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Things The Trainer Told Me

I decided to enlist the services of a personal trainer. Since running alone wasn’t helping me find my misplaced waist, I thought that perhaps hiring someone to force me to do the strength training that I loathe might make a difference. Finding a personal trainer is not the easiest thing to do. If you don’t […]

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