I’ve Got To Issue A Citation On This One

I know that none of us is grammatically perfect. See, that should be none of us are grammatically perfect. I left that error in place just to show that I’m as much of a screw up as the next guy. (Wait, is “none” singular or plural? “None” means “no one” so it should be singular.) […]

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Apostrophe Crime Wave – Part Two

Just when I thought it was safe to walk around the office, the following sign appeared: I had to take it down…I just had to. What’s up with Yahoo Driving Directions these days? On Sunday they got me lost in Jackson, Mississippi. Tonight, I got lost in Lansing, Michigan. (Ended up in Bath.) Guess I […]

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Apostrophe Crime Wave

I’ve got to give it to Brian Sack, the author of the hilarious leather pants eBay ad that gave him 15 well-deserved minutes of fame: DKNY Men’s Leather Pants I Unfortunately Own He recently posted about the apostrophe crime wave that seems to be sweeping our nation: Apostrophe Crime Wave He beat me to the […]

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