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Must See Fireworks!

I shot some great fireworks photos on the fourth. Visit the Eclectic Journey Photography blog and prepare to be amazed! Fireworks! And yes, one day soon I will write a real post here again. I promise!

I Am A…

Cross-posted from Eclectic Journey Photography Clickin Moms, my home away from home, has a great project going on now to benefit RAINN, an anti-sexual assault organization. They call it the I Am A Photographer project, but it is really about sharing who you are apart from being a photog or a mom. You are to […]

Anatomy of a Family Photo

Crossposted from Eclectic Journey Photography Hi Friends, So here’s the question for the day: how many photos does it take to get the ideal Clark-Schecter holiday card picture? Now before you answer remember that this involves my being in front of the camera and not behind it. That added a degree of difficulty of about […]

Honorably Mentioning My Honorable Mention

Talk about your good surprises. I won, I won! Well, to be fair, it’s more like I honorable mentioned! So what am I blathering about? To my utter shock, the photo that I entered in the Tamron Fall Into Winter 2010 photo contest was selected as emotional favorite, giving me an honorable mention in the […]

Shameless…Yes I Am

Shameless, premiered last night on Showtime. That family has nothing on me! I, too, am extremely shameless. I’m a shameless promoter of my daughter’s incredible cuteness and my photographic skills. Together we make magic. Enjoy! My Ballerina Girl from Liana Clark on Vimeo. Don’t they look pretty good for being taken in the corner of […]

My Favorite Face!

The fun folks at Love That Shot are having a contest that I just couldn’t resist. The goal is to shoot and show¬†your favorite face. Well that was pretty darn easy for me. My favorite face belongs to my absolutely adorable kidlet, Zara. And last night during bathtime, I couldn’t resist getting some new shots […]

The Perfect Weed

Not that kind of weed. An actual weed. The kind you normally pass without a second look. But stop yourself and look…really look. But so perfect, so beautiful in its own right. The symmetry of the globe. Look again. Such gorgeousness. So fragile. Such perfection…in a simple weed. PS: If you feel like seeing more […]

Children of Soweto

Please visit Eclectic Journey Photography for some shots from Johannesburg.

Which One to Choose? or More Zizi Goodness!

It’s time for a photoblog post, and this one requires audience (reader) participation. There is a magazine cover photo contest that I would like to enter a photo of the Zizimonster, but she looked so cute in this recent shoot that I cannot decide which photo to submit. That’s where you all come in. Help […]


It’s been a busy past couple of weeks. Let’s see. What have I been up to? Well I… Had my first client portraiture session of an almost 2 year old cutie Had surgery to deal with my bunion (osteotomy with 2 screws placed) Turned 47 Bought more shoes…and purses Got a cool Lensbaby The Composerfor […]

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